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Ami Long

Author, Writer, Cyber Sas

Welcome to the official website of myself, Ami Long. Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi lover, I am passionate about the genres and enjoy them immensely. Applying that in my own books with dark and alive world and dynamic, loved Characters.



Behind the Author

I have been passionate about stories since I was a kid. Reading, watching and playing games, experiencing the beauty and wildness of stories in various forms.

Writing was just a way to craft my own.

One of my favourite Writer sayings is "Write the book you want to read".

I find it relaxing and immensely exciting to write, plot, and see the depths of my Characters and how they live within the world. Interacting growing.

Writing is satisfying, energising and healing.

 It’s incredibly hard work, but I love every second even when there's difficulty it's never a chore. It's refreshing.


Book 1

Progress - 95,500 / 100,000

Check out my latest work. Book 1 of my Cyberpunk series is currently in progress.

From the edges of a neon city, to the dark unknown streets of a back-water cargo port, the mysterious Chaser finds her past has pulled her in a direction away from the usual dull trade routes into an excitement she wasn't banking on seeing again.